Let the Fat Jokes Roll

Apr 21, 2012
Mammon is so fat, his cereal bowl comes with a lifeguard.

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Would making a ‘Jabba the Hutt’ joke be too obvious?


in that everyone is already thinking it anyway, Yes


You think there should be more people loafing around in the plane of gluttony? There were until Mammon needed his post breakfast snack as an appetiser to the prebrunch starter course.

Having finished since then prebrunch, postprebrunch, brunch, prepostbrunch, postbrunch , elevenses, eleven-o-fiveses, eleven-fifteenses, and of course his 3 minutes and 14seconds to 12 pie along with the occasional snack between meals. The time now being 3 minutes to twelve he is once again hungry and thinks terry’s head might be tasty but is currently too far away.

21/04/2012 12:25

Yes that is pretty good :)

21/04/2012 15:21

How about a pic of Levy frozen like Han Solo with a gruesome face ? heh. I see it litteraly in front of my eyes.. hillarious xD

21/04/2012 20:55

looks like terry is aiming to get the other horn knocked off


looks like that slug is looking to get punched in the ballz :P

20/07/2012 17:18

but he doesn’t have any balls(*said in innocent naive voice*)


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