His Name is Shit

Apr 14, 2012
Someone in that bathroom was being oddly specific

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14/04/2012 07:36

Because it needs to be said. The writing is on the wall. You would think Terry would love to go hang out with Mammon and get his other horn broken. He would finally match!

14/04/2012 14:08

Would that make terry a shit-demon?


I couldn’t stop laughing by this.
Bravo TM and Pici.


awww :3 thank you!


aye i enjoyed the concert at pax, my fav was the paul and story :) althought the VGO had sum rly good songs, how you guys enjoy the rest of pax?


I laughed my ass off at paul and storm with their ted talk! Oh man good stuff >< As always they all put on a great show!

We had a great time! It was over too quickly, but took away HUGE list of games we have to get XD I think I am most stoked about the smaller games coming out, like Orc Attack and Primal Carnage (Go Dinosaurs!!) How about yourself?


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